A beginners guide to Roadhog

Type: Tank

Difficulty to play: Easy

Range: Short-Medium

The past few seasons of Overwatch competitive have taught me a few things. One of which is that Roadhog is dangerous to 75% of characters, if played well. Due to how easy he can be to play you actually have to be a great player to play him, however a great player will play him better than others (if that makes sense).

For example, a good Tracer will be able to dominate an “alright” Roadhog, however a good Tracer vs a good Roadhog often leads to a more difficult game for the Tracer.

Suggested way of playing

Throughout my seasons of Overwatch, from Silver to Platinum ranks, I have seen Roadhog being used in multiple different ways.

My preffered way is to play him as an ambushing character. If the enemy team have to push a payload a lurking Roadhog can cause a few issues. It is often frowned upon for players to go it alone rather than stick as a 6-man push, however if the enemy team have a 6-man push on the payload and they have two healers supporting from deep a flanking Roadhog can easily get in behind and shut those healers down before the team can get back to stop him – buying your team time to pounce on the remaining enemy. This same tactic can be used on the attack. If the enemy team are dug in deep, don’t feed into the choke and help the enemy get their Ultimates with quick succession. Flank with Roadhog and pull a few members out of place, in hope that your team will be able to push through.

Roadhog can also be used on 1-Capture Point maps such as Lijiang Tower. Having Roadhog join the team on point-pushes can prove deadly, when combined with a Reaper or Zarya. Roadhog ability to shut down most Attackers, Healers and Defenders can prove helpful when a whole team of 6 is sat defending a point.

When not to use

Although Roadhog may sound like he should be a main pick of any team however he has some downfalls.

One of which is defending a capture point with a choke. Unless Roadhog is your main pick or there are no other characters that you know how to play, then I would suggest not picking Roadhog in these situations. This is slightly hypocritical of me as I like to pick Roadhog for the first point defence on Temple of Anubis however this has come with plenty of practice. For newer players I would suggest a shielding tank- Reinhardt, Orisa or D.Va can prove a nuisance when teamed with a Bastion or Torbjorn. If you prefer none of the tanks then perhaps it would be worth learning a defender or even Symmetra.